Touring family: Indian Motorcycle Armenia



These motorcycles are the ultimate long-distance machines, with amenities and comfort that give both driver and passenger a luxury experience for any length of ride.

All the Comfort

Low seat height, fairings and floorboards, cushioning that’ll rival your couch. When you ride a touring bike (from either seat), you ride in luxury.

Maximum Wind Protection

The full complement of a windshield, fairings, and lowers completely isolates the rider from the effects of the wind.

So Much Storage

A touring bike’s saddlebags, trunk, and lower fairing storage offer an almost unlimited capacity to bring along everything you need.

Peak Performance

High-displacement V-twin engines equipped with cutting-edge technology provide low-end torque and top-end passing power.


With all the elements needed for life on the open road, touring motorcycles are built to cover long distances. Equipped with more power, more room, and more amenities, these motorcycles are made for a comfortable, smooth ride.

MotoBlack - 0015 - Yerevan - Armenia